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Hi, I'm Jagoda and I'm an artist currently living and working in Oxford, UK. I started making art regularly as a way to deal with the stress of pursuing a PhD degree in biosciences, but it has quickly become a prominent part of my life. My love for flowers, animals and spending time out in the nature often provides inspiration for new work.

I find joy in working with color and texture, and in translating my feelings or impressions into something tangible. I love the multistep process of creating linocut prints, but also am passionate about working with ceramic clay to create hand-built sculptures. I hope that when you relate to a piece of my art, it can evoke emotion and reflection on the idea of femininity and its relationship with the contemporary world and with Nature.


The two forces that inspire my art most profoundly are nature and the strength of femininity that can manifest itself in so many various ways. It is out in the wild that I feel we can really be our true selves, freed from inhibitions, expectations and standards imposed on us by the society.


In my art practice I strive to explore the interconnectedness between the mystical, subtle feminine force and the relentless power of Mother Nature.


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