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At the break of dawn - natural

At the break of dawn - natural


This original linocut print was created using a handcarved block and printed with black ink on lovely textured paper with bamboo inclusions. The paper is handmade from mitsumata, which is a renewable resource.


The print depicts a singing nightingale on a blossoming cherry tree branch. Nightingales are famous for their incredible songs which are the loudest right at the break of dawn. The image sybolizes a beautiful new beginning and the chance to start anew every day.


LIMITED VARIED EDITION OF 60 PRINTS - also available in gold ink on heavier black paper


Paper type: handmade Nepalese mitsumata washi with bamboo inclusions

Print size: approx. 14x17cm

Paper size: approx. 20x25cm (deckled edge)

Printed using high quality oil-based inks

Signed and numbered


Sold unframed.

You may receive a different number from the edition than the one pictured.

Pictures showing other artworks are for demonstration. You will only receive the print pictured in the main photograph. 

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