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Lilies - sienna

Lilies - sienna


This original linocut print was created using a handcarved block and printed with sienna ink on lovely textured paper with bamboo inclusions. The paper is handmade from mitsumata, which is a renewable resource.


Due to the the intricate details and a dynamic composition, this piece is an ever popular eye-catcher. It depicts three lily blooming flowers, which symbolise devotion. Ancient Greeks believed lily was created from drops of goddess Hera's breastmilk as they fell to earth during the creation of the Milky Way. 


LIMITED VARIED EDITION OF 100 PRINTS - also available in gold ink on heavier black paper


Paper type: handmade Nepalese mitsumata washi with bamboo inclusions

Print size: approx. 19x25 cm

Paper size: approx. 21x30cm (deckled edge)

Printed using high quality oil-based inks

Signed and numbered


Sold unframed.

You may receive a different number from the edition than the one pictured.

Pictures showing other artworks are for demonstration. You will only receive the print pictured in the main photograph. 

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